Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blog Design

Due to the overwhelming response to my special, I have to stop the deal.  If I continued, I seriously would be booked out 2 months!
I have also made a decision.  Custom Blog Design is very time consuming.  To create a perfect blog takes hours, and in some cases days to get a blog just right.

Then to upload a blog using html code takes at least an additional hour.  That is if nothing is in the way.  Sometimes when people have uploaded free templates, it really for lack of a better word, "messes" up your blogger site.  I then sometimes spend hours, yes hours...figuring out where the problem is.

This has taken away from my job as a teacher, my job as a wife, and finally my job as a mommy.  Then to boot, I don't take into account my "real" life and the fact that I also teach online Early Childhood Education classes, or if I get sick.  I was coming home from school and sitting in front of the computer the rest of the night.  NOT GOOD for anyone.

So what I am going to do is upload Premade Templates.  These templates will cost $5 and be sold a maximum of 5 times.  When you purchase a template, you will automatically be sent the code to upload yourself with directions.  I will be able to customize your name for your Header, if needed.  

I hope you understand.  I love making blogs, but I have other responsibilities first!

Look out for some cool premade templates coming very soon!


  1. I think this is a perfect solution, you still get to create, but you also take time to be you!

  2. Are you still designing templates or where can I get them designed?

  3. I can relate to blog design taking a long time. It is simple to write a few paragraphs if you do not care about quality. The time is in editing to make sure all of the details, including links, are well done. I am glad that the templates are still going to be available.

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